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How It All Began ...


I never imagined when I was a little girl, that when I grew up I would be a small business owner or that I would be baking and decorating custom sugar cookies and LOVING it! I always knew I wanted to teach, and so became a teacher and got involved in youth ministry. My husband Mike & I’s first Christmas, we decided to bake Christmas cookies together and bring them to our family celebrations. While we had fun baking, our decorating skills were pathetic and the icing we thought would be great for our gingerbread cookies was a disaster. I was determined to step it up next time, because this was embarrassing! So I started googling icing recipes, and saw some amazing blogs with incredibly decorated cookies. After MANY failed attempts to find the perfect icing that would survive our 3 hour drives to visit family on holidays, I found a royal icing recipe that worked ... and then it began! I started experimenting with the icing and getting creative as to what I could design and my love of baking and decorating began!

As we expanded our family, I started making custom cakes and cookies for their birthdays. I take party planning very seriously, so I loved being able to complement a birthday, party or seasonal theme and coming up with yummy, creative treats!

Friends started to ask how to make the icing, and how to do certain decorating techniques so I was able to use my love of teaching to help them learn too! I loved that too!

With much encouragement, love and support from my amazing family and friends ... I decided to explore the possibility of making this new love of mine into a dream business opportunity. Doors opened quickly and with a lot of hard work here I am, the owner of “Sweet Treats by Nadia”

I love to make people happy, so this is one way that I can share my creativity, spread joy and help you celebrate special moments in life! Thank you for your support! I look forward to creating sweet treats for you and to share cookie decorating tips with you in one of my upcoming workshops.

It’s a sweet world after all!


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